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Plugins for JobServer.NET

JobServer.NET for Windows has a flexible Plug-In architecture which allows for ongoing growth. The plug-in architecture supports both Triggers and Modules. Triggers are a type of plug-in which implement specific ways to start various jobs. A variety of built-in triggers allow quick and easy setup for huge variety of jobs. The flexible scheduling trigger supports a wide variety of options for time-based triggers. Additional event based triggers are included for basing jobs off of a number of actions. Just a few of the triggers that will already be included are: File watcher, CPU utilization, Disk space usage, Memory utilization, WMI Queries and more.

The plug-in architechture also has modules, which can perform various tasks is response the to triggers that you are able to define. The modules can be built up as any number of steps to take in response to a trigger. The growing list of included modules that are available include: File Copy and Move (on local filesystem as well as Windows UNC on an Active Directory network), FTP Copy and Move, File Purge and Archive, Compress Files, Windows Service Control, Windows Server Shutdown and Restart, CommandLine, PowerShell and much more will be listed in detail here soon.

While all the included and available plugins provide a lot of ready to go functionality as soon as you install JobServer.NET, one of it's best features is the ability to create your own custom modules. We are currently working on the details to help you learn all about the ability you will have to write your own .NET based modules with our JobServer API. We have C# project templates and example module implementations to show you how to create your own custom job modules. There will be example working projects with full source code showing a complete functioning custom module, so your C# developers will be able to write their own or modify any of our examples.