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JobServer.NET for Windows is a native job management platform for Microsoft Windows Server. When you have outgrown Task Scheduler on Microsoft Windows Server, you will quickly find that most other job scheduling and automation systems are built first for other platforms. Many of these involve running them in containers, virtual machines, installing Java or have a plethora of other dependencies and such. Now JobServer.NET for Windows is an option with a native, ready to run job automation engine without all these other requirements and overhead. Built on the successful Microsoft .NET development stack, it is a native Windows application that has been purpose built to run on all versions of Windows that support Microsoft .NET.

More information on XCENT JobServer will be available here within the next few weeks. JobServer for Windows has been used by our service clients for many years and this pending version represents the first release of it that we are publishing for general use. We are working on creating the materials and supporting information needed for this public release and cannot wait to show you more about how JobServer can be of use in your organization.

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